for all your needs

Get any quotes for your MetaTrader 4 or 5 with confidence

We provide real-time price feeds for forex, equities and even over 100 cryptocurrency pairs. We optimize them for risk-free use by brokerage companies and tailor all the parameters to your needs.
What our clients get
We provide brokers with any trading instruments while keeping them safe from arbitrage, abuse, and unpredictability of emerging markets
Real-time quotes
Our low-latency cloud servers deliver price updates almost instantly
Custom crosses or build protfolios
Do you need a custom cross? Any cross or custom portfolio you can imagine, we provide
Price aggregation
We connected to many data sources to create data feed for exchanges and several biggest FX brokerages
Unlimited flexibility
We tailor the feed to your needs for markups, minimum spreads, symbol names, and number of significant digits
Reliability with backups
We provide both primary and backup price feed sources based in separate data centers to protect you from price downtimes
The easiest setup
Just add a new price feed source in your MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, no need to install anything.
Try before you buy
We will contact you to know your preferences for crosses, spreads, and markups before we issue your personal login and password.